Client case study - CANAL+

How did CANAL+ France improve the training of its internal
and external sales forces through Digital Learning?

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Client case study overview

CANAL+ is the leading French audiovisual group founded in 1984. The group is a leader in publishing pay and theme channels as well as in the aggregation and distribution of pay TV offers. The group has 16.2 million subscribers worldwide, of which 3.1 million are from telecom partners. 

Within the distribution division, the CANAL ACADEMY, a team of 8 people, is responsible for training the internal and partner sales forces (particularly call centres) for the CANAL+ France offer. This involves designing, implementing and running initial and ongoing training courses in face-to-face, distance and digital formats, and currently represents 2,500 learners.

In order to ensure that each employee (internal and external) benefits from the same level of information and skills, and can immerse themselves in the company's culture, the CANAL ACADEMY has set up an online training system that meets its specific needs in terms of administrator and learner experience.

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