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How can you leverage the best of training marketing to engage your learners internationally?

Be inspired by CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL's success in deploying its digital learning system in more than 40 countries and territories. A success largely supported by a communication strategy combining local and global actions.

What you will find in this white paper: 
👉The challenges and good practices of communication around the deployment of a training system,

👉The combination of blended learning and marketing to attract, engage and retain learners, 

👉The role of gamification and social learning in training marketing,

👉 The role of gamification and social learning in training marketing,

👉 All of which is punctuated by concrete examples of feedback from Virginie Rochard, Training Manager at CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL.


Les contributeurs de ce dossier

Virginie Rochard

Training Manager in the Commercial Department of CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL, 
Virginie and her CANAL+ ACADEMY team support the skills' development of more than 10,000 internal and external employees in over 40 countries and territories.

Elodie Primo

Founder and CEO of MOS - MindOnSite, Elodie leads the strategy of the new Digital Learning solutions developed within the Weidong-Demos group.

Michel Diaz

Michel Diaz is co-founder and associate director of the consulting firm FEFAUR. He is an expert in digital learning and a speaker, and often publishes in France and abroad.

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Our goal is to enable training managers to achieve their objectives and create value for their learners through customised, fun and engaging e-learning tools. More than 200 companies already trust us to accelerate their growth and digitalise their training process. 

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