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Onboarding : first impressions count !

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Every human relationship begins with an initial encounter, whether it is in person or remote, which precedes other meetings that go on to strenghten the bond.
The quality of the first impression will determine what can be and cannot be built between people. This goes for the relationship between a company and its customers as well as between a company and its new employees: during the first encounter, it still has way to go to win them over! But luckily, Digital Learning is here to help! 

In this white book you will discover : 

  • What is onboarding?

  • Why should we take care about it 

  • Learn how to create a great onboarding

  • How Digital Learning portals can help?


About the auhors

Elodie Primo

Founder and CEO of MOS - MindOnSite, Elodie manage the strategy of the new Digital Learning solutions within Weidong-Demos group

Michel Diaz

Michel Diaz is co-founder and director of Féfaur. Expert in Digital Learning et speaker, he intervenes and publishes regurlarly in France and abroad.

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