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Extended enterprise learning: a model for L&D department.
In this white paper: 

👉 Definition of the concept of the extended enterprise
👉 What is extended enterprise learning? 
👉 Why is it a privileged field to "boost" one's digital skills? 
👉 Extended training and LMS platform: what link between the two? 
👉 A model for professionalizing training...
👉 ... And generate revenue


About the authors

Michel Diaz

Michel Diaz is co-founder and director of Féfaur. Expert in Digital Learning et speaker, he intervenes and publishes regurlarly in France and abroad.

Elodie Primo

Founder and CEO of MOS - MindOnSite, Elodie manage the strategy of the new Digital Learning solutions within Weidong-Demos group.

MOS - MindOnSite is a Swiss Digital Learning solutions provider.
Our goal is to enable training managers to achieve their objectives and create value for their learners through personalized, fun and engaging digital learning tools. More than 200 companies already trust us to accelerate their growth and digitalise their training process. 

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